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About Civic Video

Civic Video began in 1985 and today operates a successful chain of franchise and corporate video stores in all Australian mainland states and territories. Civic Video Head office is located in Alexandria , Sydney , with state managers and franchise business managersoperating throughout Australia.

Civic Video has stores located throughout Australia and New Zealand and is proud to provide jobs to more than 2000 staff nationally in both full and part-time employment.  

In 1998 Civic Video became a global player in the world of home entertainment, with the commencement of franchise operations in New Zealand under a Master Franchise Agreement with a resident New Zealand company. There are stores operating in the North and South Islands , with the Master Franchisees' head office located in Auckland .  

Civic Video is recognised within the video entertainment industry as a dynamic and progressive organisation. This view has been reinforced with numerous awards for best marketing campaigns and various best retail store category awards over the years by the AVRRA (Australian Video Rental Retailers Association) of which Civic Video is a founding member.  

The mission statement for Civic Video reflects the goal and values of many of our franchisees and staff:  

"To be the customer's first choice in home entertainment, by guaranteeing satisfaction in all areas of our business."  

Civic Video welcomes enquiry from prospective franchisees to open new stores throughout Australia and New Zealand , as well as enquiries from companies or individuals seeking opportunities to further develop new offshore markets.  

Civic Video is a member of The Franchise Council Of Australia.

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